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Guidelines for Anti-ragging Committee:

All the members are directed to implement the following guide lines immediately to curb the ragging in the college and outside.

  1. Members are directed to prevent the ragging in and outside of the campus. If anything found, members are asked to bring it of the notice to the principal immediately.
  2. Members and staff are directed to follow and act accordingly to the law of anti-ragging act.
  3. Frequent rounds in the College Campus and surroundings.
  4. Keep close watch on the visitors of non-students.
  5. Conduct awareness programme among the students and counsel them if necessary.
  6. Organize meeting with students especially with girls to advise them to regulate their own movements and interactions, especially with strangers or undesirable characters.
  7. Advise the girl students to avoid emotional relationships of any sort with male students about whose background they have limited knowledge and also advise them about the Do’s and Don’ts.
  8. Advise the girl students to communicate to their parents and faculty, if any sort of ragging occurs.
  9. If any type of ragging is occurred, immediately conduct the meeting and recommend appropriate action to be taken as per the Act of prohibition of ragging in Educational Institutions to the concerned authorities.
  10. Co-ordinator is directed conduct committee meeting frequently and discuss day to day situation in the campus and inform to the higher authorities.
  11. Create peaceful and ragging free atmosphere in the college campus/surroundings.